prostate diagnostic tools
MacroArray Technologies, LLC., is a leading biotechnology research firm with a proven proteomics discovery technology.

Our mission is to develop novel products that improve patient outcomes by linking diagnostic and therapeutic medicine.

MacroArray's research team has developed DNA array technology and novel proteomics based platforms to rapidly identify marker genes that are critical to cancer cell growth and survival.

Our primary focus is in the area of prostate cancer, a disease that is diagnosed in over 181,000 men each year. Our urine-based diagnostic marker - PCADM-1 – is designed to replace the current PSA test. The current market for prostate cancer diagnostic markers and therapeutic agents is estimated at over $6 billion/yr. MacroArray is uniquely position to develop panels of diagnostic markers linked to therapeutic drugs as a major leader in the field of prostate cancer, colon cancer and breast cancer .

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Evidence For A Prostate Cancer Diagnostic Marker

PCADM-1 Abstract

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